About Me

Hello, I'm Alexus - a 29 year old freelance graphic designer. I work to create a collaborative envoirnment where client needs and pain points are understood and solved effectively.

Recent Work

Soho I.T. Branding
Kik Redesign Concept
Weather App Concept


Web Design

Your website is an essential part of your online presence and marketing efforts. I will help you create a first impression that impresses existing visitors,attracts new ones, and increases conversion rates.


A brand is not just a design, it’s a concise message that your potential clients will receive upon first look of your business. I will bring your concepts to life with clean and clear print designs that explore your imagination.


Your presence is more than just pretty graphics and visuals. While those will attract the visitors, the copywriting will engage them to take action. I will craft professional content for all of your marketing outlets.

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